April 25, 2024
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[EVENT PICTURES] W.H.A.T WITH GRACIA | @arkmuzik @proclaimmediang @kbkjnr @joanpaul25 @gracia_music


To say this event W.H.A.T was an amazingly electrifying evening would not do it adequate justice. It was phenomenal. The awe that captivated the audience from the moment they flocked into RCCG EAGLES COURT at 3pm on Sunday June 4th to when GRACIA released them was tangibly felt.

On Pro-Claim Media’s Red carpet everyone who was interview said they had great expectations. It was an evening that was better experienced than talked about. So was the success that was W.H.A.T.

It started with a powerful ministration by the RCCG Eagles Court choir and progressed into soul stirring performances from OsasPiano and Nex2. The evening was smooth with Emmanuella from one of the radio stations in Asaba, Delta State anchoring the event. As the convener GRACIA was introduced on stage,she began with a special rendation featuring OsasPiano; as he played a special piece on her hit single “I GUARANTEE.” Gracia left no stone unturned from the moment she grabbed the microphone. This minister indeed led the people in a journey to a deep heartfelt worship at heavens gate.

Mr. Noah ‘Kbk Jnr’ Momodu came up stage to give a deeper meaning to the word “WORSHIP.” Truely imparting it was as he took it from its simplest form and gave all who were present something to truely ponder on.The thunderous ministrations from Joan Paul, Pst. Marvellous, Phemmy, Wati, left the crowd screaming for more! It was indeed intense.

As the evening glided to a climax, GRACIA whose birthday happened to be on the same day, called up all artistes that ministered as well as her biological and spiritual parents as she gave thanks to God, sharing various testimonies of his faithfulness to her. She appreciated everyone for making her day a remarkable one. Her Pastors, Pastor Ohis & Pastor Anwuli Oijekwere (of THE WINLOS fame) along side the minstrels prayed for more of God’s bessings to be rained down heavily on her.

A Photo session came up just after the benediction. The event was powered by ArkMuzik Int’l



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