February 29, 2024
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Premier gospel music DJ and wholesome entertainment advocate Dj Gosporella releases an EP Album aptly titled HOLY SHUFFLE. Comprising five songs, the EP features local and international artists.

The first track, BORN CHAMPION is a proclamation of the goodness of God for making us champions; it features Rapstas J.Lyricist, Deleke, Tbos, Provabs and Lamborghini with the sonorous voiced Jodie doing justice to the chorus. It is an anthem for those who know who they are. Jehovah Bless Me, the second track is self explanatory and it features the energetic Joe Praize and Ringtone from Kenya. It is a cut across dance floor jam with a Swahili tone that is reminiscent of East Africa. The third track, HOLY SHUFFLE is the gospel version of Tuface Idibia’s Gaga Shuffle presented by DJ Gosporella himself. “When I first heard Gaga Shuffle, says DJ Gosporella, ” I liked the laid back dance able production of the song. It had a swag to it and I said to myself, you will need to do a gospel version for this song. I had gone to the studio in London to lay down the track during my vacation last year but there were hitches. When I came back, I connected with my producer and I knocked it out in one take, says DJ Gosporella. This song is for the flock that rocks. Track four, HAKUNA MATATA is a high voltage dance floor tune that features Nikki Laoye, Provabz, Innerman and Ringtone from Kenya. It simply says don’t worry but boogie because Jehovah is in control. The last but not the least song, GBEMISOKE is a fast paced song asking for God’s up liftment.  It was recorded at Shabz Studios in London, UK and features Andy Bello, Joiy Okobi, Shabbach and Jermaine King.

It has been a longtime coming and here it is. Get on the dance floor



Born Champion

Holy Shuffle

Hakuna Matata


Jehovah Bless Me

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