April 25, 2024

[MUSIC] SHA- Retaw da Rapper



Newton Ehiosu, popularly known by his stage name Retaw da Rapper, is a Nigerian based contemporary Christ-ian rapper. He does both Christian and conscious rap music.
He sees rap music as a more expressive medium to speak of the gospel of Christ, and also to address certain societal issues.
Retaw da Rapper is called by God to teach the CHRIST life through music and good works.
He’s currently married, with a lovely wife and three kids.


SHA is an expression of concerns about religion and the ills which accompanies its practice especially in African nations.
In real sense, deliverance is not just about separation from unclean and evil spirits, but it is the separation from wrong belief and the teaching of wrong doctrine.
Religion has crept into the church system and it has successfully blinded men from The TRUTH. Men need to be liberated from the spirit of religion. And for this purpose SHA was released.
SHA is deeply conscious and solid with some truth telling. It comes with a catchy hook and beat to vibe with.

Oya! Let’s blow up the space with some #Truth

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