April 25, 2024

[Music + Video] ORINA EMI by Bibiola

Mandy Bibiola Brown the multi-talented music minister of the gospel of Christ; Popularly known as Queen Bibiola “ QB” is a multifaceted, multidimensional singer, song writer, journalist & speaker. Her style of music is an infusion of Afro & mid-tempo Rock garnished with other styles & kinds.
She is not confined, not narrow, neither is she circumscribed in shade, sound or style. From when she was a toddler she has been the girl with a soft silky lovely voice. She joined the choir as a teenager with burning passion, enthusiasm and unwavering zeal for God; and from then on, has been A God-praiser. `She started composing and writing songs since 2009.
She recorded her first Single Jesus in the year 2016. Recently released the video of one of her many Singles Orina emi Currently Orina emi is Trending big, as it is embraced & appreciated in most parts of the world. Regarding Current & up coming Projects!
Let it be a surprise! Let it shock you. Stay tuned!

Watch Video Here:

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