February 29, 2024
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Gospel recording artiste, songwriter and author, *Toyin Joe-Bassey* unveils her brand new single titled *”You Are God.”*
She enlisted the expertise of her music maestro twin brother, *Tosin Ajolore* to make the urban contemporary gospel song an outstanding effort.

Tosin shares the story behind the song:
“I do not remember any time that I sat down to write a song. Most often songs just drop in my heart and though I received quite a number of them, ‘You are God’ stayed with me because it came at a very difficult time in my career as an office administrator.
“Working as West Africa’s office administrator in an International SoftTech company but was also required to sell training packages was the worst part of my job. Matters were compounded by my failing health at that time.
“So on this particular day, my boss told me that if I failed in ensuring my sales targets for a particular training, he was going to deal badly with me.

“Fear of failure overwhelmed my heart, but it was a church service day. In the taxi on my way to church, I was thinking of my ‘pot of hot soup’ as I already knew that I could not meet up my sales target and it seemed like the skies were falling. I began to pray that I don’t fail and then suddenly, my mouth opened and this song poured out…Voila!
“I sing it in worship to God severally in my personal devotion. It’s so powerful that I literally feel the entire creation singing with me.

“When I’m up against the wall, I remember this song… God is God, irrespective of what life throws at me, it wells up in my heart. Because in reality HE IS GOD ‘no matter the matter’!
“By the way, to God’s glory, the training did hold.

“I believe everyone on earth should have access to this song: individuals, groups, choirs Oh Yes!
“This is a remix from my first album and again featuring my twin brother; who used his platform to help me record it again.
“May the heavens open over our lives as we sing this song together and may our Lord Jesus be glorified. Amen!
“Bless your heart. I love you.”


DOWNLOAD <bit.ly/YouAreGodByToyinJoeBassey>*
DOWNLOAD LINK: bit.ly/YouAreGodByToyinJoeBassey <bit.ly/YouAreGodByToyinJoeBassey>*

*Watch video below:*



(Toyin Joe-Bassey featuring Tosin Ajolore)

Verse 1:
Kingdoms rise, kingdoms fall Friends may come and friends do walk away …sunny days, gloomy days Children are born and children die Sometimes, I’ve got lots of money At other times, I don’t have a dime But in spite of these, I know that You are God

You are God You are God God, You are God You are God You are God You are God
You are God You are God God, You are God You are God You are God You are God

Verse 2:
From the rising of the sun To the going down of the same Your name…shall be praised Oh magnify with me let us exalt his name together For He’s God all by Himself He’s King of kings, Lord or lords, Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End The First and the Last Rose of Sharon, Lily of the valley There is no one besides you You are God 3x

You are God You are God God, You are God You are God You are God You are God
You are God You are God God, You are God You are God You are God You are God
Uh Uh Uh Uh… Uh Uh Uh Uh…
You are God You are God God, You are God You are God You are God You are God
You are God You are God God, You are God You are God You are God You are God


Toyin Joe-Bassey is a female African recording Gospel artiste, prolific songwriter/composer, design artist, author, organizer, with an MBA degree and currently pursuing a Masters in Christian Counseling. She is a crazy lover of Jesus and an ardent pursuer of the unity of the Body of Christ.

Born in the late ‘60s into a Christian home. she began to sing in the public at the age of 9 alongside her twin brother, Tosin Ajolore under her father’s tutelage and other family members. They served and gave choral support to their father’s ministry; bringing on God’s glory whenever he had any pulpit assignment.

She put together a small singing group at the university called ‘The Agape Sisters’, where she played her guitar, and with her group sang at the school fellowship. In addition, she and her twin brother Tosin Ajolore would render psalms and spiritual songs both within the school and at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International Breakfast Meetings.
She joined her first choir after her youth service where she later served as Choir Leader of Salem Ministry Port Harcourt – the ministry of ArchBishop Sam Amaga. She also served as a lead vocalist in CanaanLand’s first ever mass choir and as a choir administrator with Good Tidings Bible Church, Abuja. She also organizes concerts, worship meetings, voice training classes and teaches people how to maximize their vocal capacity as they build their relationship with God.

Toyin believes that God deserves the best of whatever man has to offer, hence offers undiluted, implicit and spirited worship to God. She teaches scriptural principles via her songs using any combination of neo-soul, jazz infusions and negro flavours.
Toyin Joe-Bassey after singing privately for 37 years, took a very bold step of recording her debut album in a LIVE RECORDING CONCERT; a great feat indeed releasing a 10-track album titled “My Tribute”.

Toyin’s passion for the less privileged birthed the platform of The Christmas Barbeque Concert series. She is the creative director of the Home-Front Worship, Sounds from my heart online/radio weekly devotional, the Healing Worship experience (both in and outside Nigeria), Tongues of Fire live on Facebook and most recently, the Bedtime Devotionals.
She is the author of a book series “Sounds from my heart – a devotional featuring over 1000 name and attributes of God in worship).

She is married to Joseph Abam Bassey and they live in the city of Abuja.


Twitter: @ToyinJoe_Bassey
Instagram: @ToyinJoeBassey1
Facebook: Toyin.JoeBassey

All – Makin Blessing

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